Laurel’s April Wrap Up


Hey there!

Long time, no see — it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and my fingers are feeling kind of rusty…however the blog must go on… so here we go!

What I’ve Been Reading…

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli ~ Albertalli has the knack of writing totally likeable books, easy to get into and read, and even “character-relatable.” I became a fangirl of Albertalli after I read Simon vs. the Homosapien’s Agenda – which is 100% rereadable so go read it now! She did not let me down with this gem either. It’s a perfect mix of friendship, family, and romance. Molly is adorable (but sometimes I wanted to tell her to grow a spine already! – especially when it comes to her relationship with her twin, Cassie), and Reid is a true cinnamon roll-hero…I even bet he would smell like a cinnamon roll… anyways…you should add this to your TBR list for spring reading!

The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain ~ Finished in one sitting. Charming premise, with a hint of “is he being too stalkerish?” Plot revolves around Laurent finding a stolen bag with a red notebook and trying to find the owner who happens to be in a coma…unique story telling that reminded me of the film “Amelie.” Liked the characters of William, Chloe and the cat Putin. Whole book made me want an espresso and a pain au chocolat.

The Valiant by Lesley Livingston ~ When I heard “female gladiators” I was hooked. Then, after reading the first chapter, I unfortunately became “unhooked.”

Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James ~ A slow burn romance between two rival lawyers at the same firm. Enemies for life. Until the sparks begin to fly. A bit like The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, but with more legalese and a slower plot line.

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett ~ Adorable. YA at it’s finest and cutest. Perfect for a summer beach or lakeside read.

Duels and Deception by Cindy Anstey ~ It was okay. I think it felt like the author was pushing the “Austen-ish” side a bit much. An okay read.

The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan ~ This is the second book in the Apollo series and does not disappoint. Apollo, sadly stripped of his god-like abilities by Zeus, is now in the body of a sixteen year old. On the run with demigod Leo and witch Calypso he is on a quest to find out what is going on with oracle hot spots dying out. Full of adventure, action, and humor Riordan once again makes reading ancient mythology a treat.

What I’ve Been Listening To…

Of course, another shameless plug for the awesomeness that is Kpop 🙂

Twice is also known for their popular single releases “Cheer Up,” “Ooh-Aah” and “TT”

Twice “Knock Knock” ~ JYP Entertainment’s popular girl group gifts the universe with another earworm of a single – “Knock Knock” – Twice is one of the most popular idol groups in South Korea with tens of thousands of international fans, which they have earned with their bright and energetic songs that stay in your head for far too long. Yes, they sing in Korean and I understand next to nothing of what they are singing…nevertheless I sing along as loudly as I can. Just go and youtube “Twice kpop” and enjoy their fun music videos and entertaining concepts.

What I’ve Been Watching…

Call The Midwife (PBS) ~ I am obsessed with this BBC series. I have seriously marathoned seasons one through five on Netflix, and have kept up the newest season with PBS Streaming every week. This period drama with it’s interesting delivery cases that are absorbing, heartwarming, and sometimes, heartwrenching give me so many “feels”- I usually end episodes with tears streaming down my face – it’s just..perfect. The preview for the next episode finally promises some answers about Cynthia and where she is and if she’s okay… and maybe, just maybe… a romance for Trixie? Ack. So excited!

The Great British Baking Show: Masterclass (Netflix & PBS Streaming) ~ There’s something so soothing about watching people bake. Too bad Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood can’t pass me some of their breads and pastries through the television screen because everything looks so “scrummy” as Mary would say. In Masterclass Mary and Paul show viewers how to achieve the best breads, rolls, biscuits, bars and cakes that have been shown in episodes of The Great British Baking Show (seasons 1-3 are also on Netflix).

Before You Go…

Epic one day road trip with my fellow blogger Jess – we set off in the early morning (way too early…way way too early) with large coffees and huge levels of mutual fangirl excitement.

A four hour drive, and a 2 hour wait in line garnered us both brand-new copies of A Court of Wings and Ruin, the last book in A Court Of Thorns and Roses trilogy, along with signing tickets. Another eight or so hours later, I stood tongue tied, and hands shaking in front of the beautiful and talented Sarah J. Maas as she said “Hi Laurel, how are you?” and signed my book I physically could not say a word. A word. So embarrassing.

On the brighter, more eloquent side of things, I made some awesome new friends. I love how waiting in line for hours on end to celebrate a common interest bonds people instantly. One of my new friends is a book blogger as well, check her out at thebookgawker on Instagram and check out her web-links! (Shout out to my #acowarriors!)