January 2017 Wrap Up: Jessica


I’m such a N00b blogger. I totally forgot about this post.

January started off the year strong!  Our little corner of Washington is having an insane, record-breaking winter, so I’ve been stuck at home a lot thanks to weather-related closures. At one point we were stuck in the house for four-and-a-half days.

So obviously I got ahead in my Goodreads challenge of 10 books a month (I read 13!), watched a lot of shows, and wrote a LOT.

So, without further ado…

What I read:

Goodbye Days: Contemporary YA by Jeff Zentner. I was fortunate enough to get approved for an Advanced Reader Copy of this story about a boy who sent the text that caused his three best friends to die in a car crash. 4.5 stars. Get your Kleenexes, folks.

The Dark Days Club: YA Fantasy by Alison Goodman. Regency romance with a paranormal twist. I loved the heck out of this. 5 stars. I’m so ready to crack open the sequel, which came out January 31st.

Girl Out of Water: YA Fantasy by Laura Silverman. Another ARC. This summery read lightened my spirits during this insane winter. 4 stars. Out May 2017!

Seeking Mansfield: YA Contemporary by Kate Watson. ARC. This is a modern update of Mansfield Park that I liked WAY better than the source material. 5 stars. Out in May!

Pride and Prejudice: Reread for this post

The Serpent King: YA Contemporary by Jeff Zentner. Buddy read with Britt over at Geronimo Reads. Three teens in a small southern town cope with the changes senior year holds. I ugly-cried over this one. 5 stars.

Scrappy Little Nobody: Non-fiction by Anna Kendrick. Listened to this one on audio. She is so honest and hilarious. It had me laughing so hard! 4 stars.

Caraval: YA Fantasy by Stephanie Garber. ARC. Two sisters escape their father to compete in a fantastical game where nothing is as it seems. I really enjoyed it. 4 stars.

Geekerella: YA contemporary by Ashley Poston. ARC. Cinderella goes to comic-con. This was so full of geeky  fun. 4.5 stars. Out in April!

Daughter of the Pirate King: YA Fantasy by Tricia Levenseller. ARC. Basically the pirate novel my Pirates of the Caribbean -obsessed teen self wanted so badly.  Might be one of my all-time favorite books. 5 stars. Out at the end of February!

Ella Enchanted: Reread for this post

Coming Up for Air: The next book in the Hundred Oaks series by Miranda Kenneally. ARC. This series is full of the most delightful sports romances, and I think this was one of her best. 4 stars. Out July 1st!

Wires and Nerve: Graphic Novel set after the Lunar Chronicles series by the talented Marissa Meyer. This is all about Iko and I loved the heck out of it. I need the sequel yesterday. 5 stars.

If you want to read longer reviews for any of these, add me as a friend on Goodreads

What I watched:

Sherlock, Series 4: I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about this season, but I LOVED IT. All of the actors are just as amazing as always. I sobbed during “The Final Problem” because of that one scene between Sherlock and [spoilers redacted]. I wish the show wasn’t (probably) over.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: I did a rewatch of this Pemberly Digital series for the Then & Again reading challenge hosted by @Ruthsic on Twitter. I talked about this in my Pride & Prejudice review, but if you’re an Austen fan and haven’t seen this, DO IT. There’s a rumor that a Lizzie Bennet Wedding movie is coming, thanks to a post by Lizzie herself, Ashley Clements, on Instagram. I need it to be real.

The Cate Morland Chronicles: This is the only YouTube adaptation of a Jane Austen book that I’ve found that can stand up next to the shows produced by Pemberly Digital. It’s an update of Northanger Abbey, and it’s very well done (so many literary web series feel “homemade” and not in a good way). It’s also wonderfully geeky and diverse.

Good Girls Revolt: This is an Amazon Prime show about women in publishing in 1969 and 1970 fighting their employers to give them their legal rights to equal work and pay. It’s sooo good. Amazon apparently cancelled it, but there are rumors that other networks are looking to pick it up. I hope that’s true. (Plus, Genevieve Angleseon looks like my exact mental picture of a twenty-something Ginny Weasley.)

What I wrote:

I’m bad at talking about my writing with strangers (AKA: the Internet) but it’s definitely a part of what I do, so I’m forcing myself to include it in wrap ups. *insert blushing emoji*

I started a major revision of the YA science fiction novel I’ve been working on for the past 3 years, Stealing Flight. It’s sort of Pride & Prejudice meets Firefly. I had a bit of a setback this month that ended up moving me in a really positive direction, and I’m hoping this is my penultimate revision/beta round before I query.

I also wrote about 10,000 words of a first draft of a contemporary YA romance about elite equestrians. I was a horse girl as a teen. Write what you know, right?